Commercial Video Production Services in Toronto, Ontario

Tell a Tale Media specializes in high concept short commercials that get results and retain eyeballs!

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  • Television Production Toronto

We continue our success in television marketing – creating short form marketing campaigns, promos and commercials for over 20 years.
Today we do it better than ever – at affordable rates for small business and professionals.

  • Sunwing Vacations Black Friday
  • AGO Frank Restaurant
  • Whitby Subaru “Pit Crew”
  • Mercedes Benz “Concierge Axe"

Even if you are looking to promote yourself or your business through a modest YouTube clip we can help. Tell a Tale brings the superior production values of TV to your social media channels.

We polish your business’s shiny spots - making them look brighter and more beautiful in implicit and authentic ways.

Our solid scripting and carefully edited music are just a couple of ways we effectively build an emotional connection to your brand and offerings - and inspiring your prospects to buy.