Two Minute Tale

Video Production & Editing Services in Toronto, Ontario

During the interview process we often run into people who are remarkable storytellers, or who just have incredible tales to share. If you have an amazing or entertaining tale that’s two minutes or less, we’d love to hear it. If chosen, we’ll post it and promote it as a feature story in our “Telling Tales” collection. This option is suitable for those sparkling personalities who want to increase their media visibility, speak about causes they’re passionate about, or simply wish to share a good “yarn” for the fun of it.

The Two Minute Tale format is relatively open-ended in terms of how you express yourself. It just needs to be expressive, entertaining and under two minutes long. Feel free to read a poem, sing a ballad, or talk about a photo. Stories come in many shapes and forms!

Your tale can be filmed during your 60 Second Story interview, or scheduled on its own during one of our interview days. For these stories, Tell a Tale assumes creative rights to the material, and will distribute finished pieces as part of a collection of “Tell a Tale” stories for possible TV and web markets. You will have access to the finished piece, and there is no cost to you.