60 Second Story

Video Marketing Services in Toronto, Ontario

Can you tell your tale in 60 seconds?

This is a peppy one-minute, highlight reel of YOU!
Think of it as a movie trailer that will knock the socks off your audience, using well-chosen sound bites from you. Whether we profile your insights, accomplishments, values, ethics, what you seek, love or dream about, this is the perfect tool to communicate first impressions. An ideal clip to include in your LinkedIn profile, on your blog or website or as part of your email signature for a snappy hit.

Video Editing Services Toronto

In this format we’ll use up to 10 photographs and up to 30 seconds of video from your archive to support your interview sound bites. Your interview shoot is 1-2 hours in duration (with breaks).

Television Production Toronto

A great feature about your 60 Second Story is the fact that you’ll retain all of the raw broadcast quality (MOV) footage of your shoot for any archival or posterity purposes. Use your footage as you choose, but know that we at Tell a Tale would love to work on future documentary pieces for you, so hang onto your clips for more editing later!

Why a 60 Second Story is a Time Saver

60 Seconds? Really? Yes, really. Short is better.
We don’t let videos do the heavy lifting to tell your life story (autobiographical novels do a much better job). Your 60 Second Story is designed to open the door, and get your audience asking for more.

It’s an unparalleled first impression of the authentic you – in a flash. In one short video you can introduce your talents and virtually charm potential clients whom you would never have the time to see in person.

We’ve branded this video as “60 seconds” in duration to assure viewers they won’t be sacrificing much time – and thus be more likely to click and watch. A 60 Second Story can be produced in less than three days, but the positive effects can last a lifetime!

Perfect Applications for a 60 Second Story

Our videos are designed to help people who are too busy to think or worry about marketing themselves. No matter how humble you are, or uneventful you think your life may be, you have great material to convey to your audience. We can help just about anyone to find their voice and strengthen their image. Here are 5 examples of clients our services are particularly effective for:

Professionals – C-Suite, politicians, thought leaders/public speakers/subject matter experts, finance and investment managers, lawyers and accountants, etc., that want to demonstrate their professional effectiveness and authenticity.

People whose personalities can help sell a product or service (e.g., nanny, artist, sales professional, therapist)

Job seekers, crafts or tradespeople who want to improve their first impressions and differentiate themselves on networking sites (e.g. LinkedIn)

Entrepreneurs pitching a start-up venture who want to convey passion/dedication to potential investors online (e.g. Kick Starter)

Authors that want to promote their work by providing biographical context.