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Want to free your photos from the proverbial shoebox?
Need a solution to liberate them from the dark digital depths of your hard drive?

The Tell a Tale “Photo Tale Adventure” is a 15-minute video focused on you – telling your story through your life’s photographs in a conversational way. This production is inherently more personal than our promotional videos, but we believe it gives you an opportunity to share your life stories with family and friends in a more meaningful way.

Organize Photos…Show and Tell…Distribute!

Tell a Tale will work with you to organize, edit, and distribute your world of photographs along with your story of them. First, we assist you to select which of your life’s photographs are entertaining and relevant for your audience. Then the selected photos are assembled for a filmed interview or “show and tell” session. Quite simply, we record you talking about your photographs. The best bits of your naturally flowing descriptions, life stories and anecdotes will then be edited into a short video. You may choose to play the finished presentation to family and friends, or share it with the world online.

The Process

The process takes five days. We schedule the work to be done according to whatever schedule suits you best, be it evening, daytime or on weekends. Feel free to work with us at our studio or work with us from the comfort of your home. Here’s how it happens:

The Schedule
Video Production Services Toronto ON

Day 1&2: We help you organize and select significant photographs that you want to share with family, friends or the public at large. We’ll help you organize the photos in a specific way that reflects your storytelling style and the specific objectives you may have.

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Day 3: We film you as you naturally recount tales inspired from your selected photographs, reflecting on people, places and things that are meaningful to you. The filming can take between 2-5 hours, and is done at a relaxed, comfortable pace. As we film, we are there to help you with the storytelling process, asking questions, prompting clarification, or nudging you to avoid the odd tangent. After your filming session, we record close-ups of the chosen photos for editing options later.

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Day 4: This full day involves the rough-cut editing of your video, cutting together close-ups of your photographs along with your narrative. This work can be done alongside you in your home or edited off-site.

Day 5: This day is allocated for any revisions, fine cut editing, and for delivering the final video to you by end of day.

Voice Over Option – Off-Camera Storytelling

We prefer to film your reactions as you show the photos set before you, as your smiling and expressive gestures make great video…however, some clients prefer not to be on camera. That’s fine because—ultimately—we just need your voice and photographs to make a great show! In this case, any filming of you will be for subject identification – for reference only.

The process of photo storytelling can be enormous fun. It can also be an emotional journey. We are sensitive to our clients’ need for respect, patience and empathy when working with sensitive material, such as photos of a recently deceased family member. We offer our clients guidance, reassurance and discretion from beginning to end, and we treat all filmed material as highly confidential.

15 Reasons to do a PhotoTale Adventure
  • Make your photos – and you – shine!
  • Bring the past to life in an entertaining, relevant way.
  • Solve the guilt & procrastination of sorting “those photos.”
  • Learn which photos show best, and which to “let rest” – declutter!
  • It’s quick – we keep you focused and on task through the memory evoking process of sorting photos.
  • Be recorded in real time, naturally conveying richly nuanced photo details verbally instead of writing dry, tedious posts or notes on your photos.
  • Re-live fond memories with the help of a guide and good listener.
  • Convey genuine feelings about your life’s important moments to specific people.
  • Share your life’s big picture in a compelling short video – perfect for busy audiences.
  • Pass along your wisdom in a visually compelling, “YouTube” friendly way.
  • Reconnect with distant friends and restore family connections by posting your photo-tale online.
  • Keep audiences spellbound with emotive music and swift pacing of your life’s visual gems.
  • Move your audience – stir deep emotions (tears are a good thing!).
  • Can’t get to that cruise? Enjoy a one-week memory lane “stay-cation” of excitement and self discovery.