About Tell a Tale Media

Video Production & Editing Services in Toronto, Ontario

Tell a Tale Media is a full-service video production company that specializes in short-form biographical documentaries and personal branding for online communications. We operate primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, and work with experienced video production and post-production professionals in the television & communication fields.

About Tell a Tale Media Founder Hartley Schaub

Toronto Corporate Video Production

Hartley Schaub has worked in radio, television, film and interactive media throughout his 25-year career. He has directed, shot and edited programs for television networks, specialty channels and production companies, while working alongside some of the best creative and technical talent in the television industry. 

Wide-ranging field production skills and on-air edit deadlines have given Hartley a solid foundation to tell short, powerful stories. Having crafted hundreds of entertainment pieces, lifestyle magazine segments and promotions, he is now applying his finely-tuned, short-form TV skills to craft personal online videos. Hartley’s passion for storytelling, short documentary production and love of people ensure that Tell a Tale clients can express themselves in delightful ways.