Showcase the Person, Not the Business

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Many businesses won’t risk time and money to buy from those whom they do not know or trust. The success of rating & review tools from Expedia, Yelp and Facebook is evidence that people still human input before laying down their credit card.

Flat two dimensional “brochurewear” websites can help give clients information about your product or service, but websites won’t necessarily drive them to buy. Unless you are, no matter how splashy, sophisticated or in depth your website tends to be, people still like a real human face, voice even a trusty handshake before they buy.

Even the designers of the next generation domestic helper robots are striving to make faces and voices of seem human, to reduce mistrust in the machines. Your online profile is no different.
Being human still counts, and the more “humanness” you show, the better.

Express yourself from your heart or gut, and let free your personality. Let people know what you do best, share your personality, humour and natural charm. In a face-to-face conversation, you share your dreams, ambitions and ideologies in a natural way. Your prospects get an intuitive sense of what you can offer them. Tell a Tale personal videos capture just that – beautifully and concisely.